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Razor Dobbs Top 10 Best Kills As Of 2014

It's hard to make a top ten best kills list because there are so many factors that go into a hunt/kill and I've been lucky to have some great hunts. I'll take a jab at it. But this list is not complete. Try this out:
  1. Cape Buffalo - Zimbabwe - CZ .375HH Mag Rifle
  2. Sable Antelope -Zimbabwe - Bow 180 grain Razor Dobbs BlackDeath Broadheads
  3. Lioness - Zimbabwe - CZ 9.3 x 62 carbine rifle
  4. Giant wild boar - BladeLands. - Bow 180 grain Razor Dobbs BlackDeath B [...]

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Razor Dobbs Hunting Life Interview - 4/2014

HUNTING LIFE: What's one rookie mistake you've made hunting?

RAZOR DOBBS: Impatience. Way too many times I try to make a stalk on an animal when I should wait for a better situation. I get amped up, go for it and blow the hunt. It's all impatience. I k [...]

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What Gun Does Razor Dobbs Like To Carry?

Razor Dobbs 10mm ready to huntRAZOR DOBBS: I have carried all sorts of handguns over the years from auto's to revolvers. Some full size some compact. Of course, in the early days, I carried full sized Glock 10mm's, model 29 baby Glocks and model 19 9mm's, etc.. I've also carried the Wathler PPK/S in .380 which is a cool piece but I al [...]

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